Rental conditions




It is prohibited to be in areas of active military actions, namely to come to military units, units (other forces) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, units of the armed forces (military formations) of another state, other components of the defense forces performing combat (special) tasks during the repulse of armed aggression against Ukraine or liquidate (neutralize) the armed conflict, doing other tasks with the use of any weapons.

The company reserves the right to restrict the vehicle’s stay in the regions of Ukraine near with the Russian Federation, the Belarusian Democratic Republic and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv, Luhansk, Donetsk regions).


For signing Vehicle Rental Contract (hereinafter – “Contract “) the following documents are required:

  1. Passport;
  2. Valid driving license;
  3. ITN for Ukrainian citizens, bank payment card valid for more than 3 months after the end of the rental period.


Company United (hereinafter -“Company”) reserves the right to refuse to the Customer in providing a Vehicle, if some documents’ parameters do not conform the Company’s security.

Reservation of car:

Car reservation is possible in several ways:

  • by phone. For this you can just contact the rental location in the city which you need. Reservations can be made by phone during operation hours, but not less than 3 hours before rental.
  • through booking form on our website. Booking is possible 24/7 but not less than 24 hours before rental.

Please note that the Company confirms only the car group*, not the particular brand or model. But United staff will do their best to satisfy the wishes of the Customer.

* (you can find the classification of group vehicles in Meet the fleet chapter).

Age restrictions:

There are the following age restrictions for Company’s vehicles operation:

  • car Groups B, D, E, C, K, I,  J, N, Q – 25 years. Possible to buy option “Young driver” for Customers aged 21 years.
  • car Group M – 25 years

* The blocked amount increases by 20%

Driving license requirements:

Customer must present a driver’s license of follow category, valid in Ukraine and with the driving experience not less than:

  • 2 years for car groups B, D, E, C, K, J, N, Q
  • 3 years for car group M
Driving outside of Ukraine:

Driving outside of Ukraine is prohibited.


All cars are provided with full tank of gasoline. If a car is returned with less than a full tank, Customer will be charged for a refilling service of €3.40 (including VAT) per liter*.

*calculation of the missing fuel is carried by authorized employees of the Company, according to internal standards of the Company.

  • According to the international requirements starting from July 01, 2013 smoking isn’t allowed in all United vehicles. No Smoking policy is mandatory and cannot be declined by Customer. In case of non-observance of the requirements Customer will be charged in the amount of € 200 EUR.
  • In case of the dry-cleaning of the cabin, the Customer will be charged for it in the amount of € 80 (including VAT).

The minimum rental period of car is 24 hours and it begins from pick-up time of Vehicle. In case of late of the Customer to pick-up the car more than 2 hours from booking time, Company has right to refuse a Customer to provide car for previously agreed conditions. In case during returning the car, if Customer returned car later than 59 minutes from mentioned time in Contract, next day is calculated as full rental day and must be paid by full daily rate.

Rate includes:
  • full vehicle service
  • insurance according to current legislation of Ukraine
  • seasonal tires
  • delivery OR drive away of the car within the city*
  • unlimited mileage
  • VAT

*for 3 days and more rentals

Additional services:

Company United provides following additional services:

  • Delivery/drive away of the car within the city where there are official representation offices of the Company. Cost of this service is € 24 (including VAT).
  • Delivery/drive away of the car to the cities, where there are no official representative offices of Company. Cost of this service shall be agreed individually and can range from € 50 to € 200 (including VAT).
  • Returning the car in another city* (one way fee). Cost of this service is € 200 (including VAT).
  • Pick-up/returning of the car out of hours (operating hours can be found here). Cost of this service is €24 (including VAT).
  • Airport fee is €18 and will be charged in case of pick-up of the car in any of airports of Ukraine.
  • Additional driver. Cost of this service is € 8 per day (including VAT), but cannot exceed € 60 per all rental period.
  • “Young driver” service is provided to Customers from 21 to 25 years old. Cost of this service is € 6 (including VAT) per day, and also increases the blocked amount for 20%.
  • Car rent with a driver

*available for 3 days and more rentals

United Company provides for rent the following additional equipment:
  • GPS-navigation. Cost of equipment is € 12 per day (including VAT), but cannot exceed € 60 (including VAT) per all rental period.
  • Child car seat. Cost of equipment is € 12 per day (including VAT), but cannot exceed € 60 (including VAT) per all rental period.
Pick-up and returning of the Vehicle:

The pick-up and the returning of the Vehicle takes place by means of signing between Company and Customer the Vehicle Pre-Rental Inspection (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”). Car rental is available with the necessary tools, equipment and components, Vehicle insurance contracts (according to requirements of applicable law), as well as keys and supporting documentation to the Vehicle. All remarks regarding Vehicle condition and/or its components shell be expressed by the Customer while receiving the Vehicle, put down into the Act and signed by representative of the Company and by Customer. Customer obliged to return the car in the same condition, with all documents and additional equipment within the day and at the place specified in the Contract. Customer agrees that failure to return the car to the prescribed time and place, after the expiration of 24-hour period can be regarded as a deliberate Vehicle theft and the Company has grounds for appealing to the competent authorities for the commencement and the search of the Vehicle as well as the Customer. In case if operation of the car is carried out by the Customer with the violation of the terms of the Contract, Company reserves the right to take out the Vehicle in any time without notification and without reimbursing the Customer’s expenses.

Vehicle operation conditions:

Customer shall be obliged to handle the car with care, to lock the doors and activate all security systems installed on the Vehicle. Documents and keys for the Vehicle and also additional equipment shall be constantly under the Customer’s control. It is prohibited to: carry passengers and cargo for fee; push or tow any other Vehicle, trailer or other objects; take part in race, rally, tests and other similar events; continue to operate the Vehicle in case of any mechanical defect; get into and drive the Vehicle under the influence of alcohol, narcotic and any other substances that influence the consciousness and reaction rate, and entrust driving to another person being under the influence of such substances; violate any regulations and rules applying to the driver, including Traffic Rules of Ukraine and insurance conditions; entrust driving to any other person except where it is expressly discussed and specified in the Contract and in certified documents authorizing to drive the Vehicle; drive outside Ukraine without a written consent of the Company; under-lease the Vehicle. Customer is solely responsible for any damage of Vehicle or Vehicle theft, which occurred during the Customer’s operation of the Vehicle with violation of the conditions of the Vehicle operation, conditions of the Contract, Traffic Regulations or conditions of insurance.


Payment of the cost of rental shall be carried out by the Customer to the Company on 100% advance payment terms. All complaints and objections relating of cost of rent, rate and/or additional equipment shall be lodged by the Customer to the Company before pick-up of the Vehicle, further the Customer loses the right to bring any claim to the Company regarding rates. Acceptable forms of payment are:

  • by credit card with payment systems American Express, Visa (excluding Visa Electron), MasterCard (excluding Maestro).
  • by bank transfer by transferring funds to the account of Company.
  • using pre-payment voucher from authorized partners.
Limitation of liability in damage of Vehicle (CDW)

CDW – is not insurance, it is limitation of liability of Customer in case of damage of the Vehicle or parts thereof, subject to compliance with the Contract, Traffic Rules and conditions of insurance. Blocked amount is unconditional financial responsibility of the Customer in case of Vehicle damage no matter whose fault caused damage.

  • for cars of group B,E, D,  C, K blocked amount is €600 (including VAT).
  • for cars of group J, I, N blocked amount is €1200 (including VAT).
  • for cars of group M, Q,  blocked amount is €1500 (including VAT).

This service is obligatory and cannot be rejected.

Limitation of Liability for theft of Vehicle (TP)

TP – it is not insurance, it is limitation of liability of the Customer in case of Vehicle theft, subject to compliance with the Contract, Traffic Rules and conditions of insurance. Blocked amount is unconditional financial responsibility of the Customer in case of Vehicle theft.

  • for cars of group B, E, D,  C, K blocked amount is €600 (including VAT).
  • for cars of group J, I  blocked amount is €1200 (including VAT).
  • for cars of group M, Q, N  blocked amount is €1500 (including VAT)

This service is obligatory and cannot be rejected by Customer.

Road traffic accidents, emergency, thefts of Vehicle In case of any road traffic accident (with damage of the Vehicle or without it), as well as in case of theft (stealing) of the Vehicle or its parts, the Customer shall be obliged immediately to notify about this incident the Company the road traffic safety inspection and/or internal affairs bodies, insurance company, draw up all the necessary documents and handle them to the Company.
By signing the Contract, the Customer confirms that he is familiar with the rental conditions of the Vehicle and fully accepts them.