About us

Values and Philosophy


United is the oldest rental company in Ukraine and has had from the beginning a very high standard in its services.

The philosophy of the company has always been, and still is, to show that even in a country where western standards are certainly not everywhere the case, it is possible to give our customers a pleasant surprise when the rent a car with United.

This in fact includes everything that is necessary to give the best service, from friendliness at the airport to having a new fleet with nice cars for a very competitive price.

In all aspects you see our philosophy of optimal service: from being available 24 hours a day for personal communication, for delivering cars on desired places to showing flexibility on the precise hour the car should be returned. The result speaks for itself: the highest ratings of all the rental companies on the brokers’ sites.

A simple but highly successful philosophy:  first class service to our customers.

Ukraine can be seen as a challenging country. The breaking up of the Soviet Union has still left scarfs in the structure of the country and the process of developing towards western values is a long one.

For us as United however, we can make these values much easier than the country itself as our working ethics. So, since the start of the company we decided to mirror ourselves to Western values for the company culture and for our relation to our customers.

Integrity is in this respect the most important value, so that our customers from abroad can rely on us in a country that is often new to them.

Next to integrity as a main value we put much value to be a serious company where all the expectations of the customers, from technical condition of the car to having the booked car available, are always honored.

It made our company successful and this continues every day.  And we are proud of it.

To believe in the Ukrainian potential  of the market and of the people is a condition for the realization but not the only one. We believe it is also essential to stimulate international ties and understanding.

That is why United actively supports a culture project called the Melody Girls (www.melodygirls.com). A pop girl singing group of 16 girls who sing the most beautiful songs from Western pop music over the last 40 years. It is a group that has achieved  a professional level. The Melody Girls give concerts in Ukraine and make, if given the opportunity, trips abroad where they sing with other groups in concerts.

United believes that our support to stimulate cultural activities has many advantages as the girls learn about international culture, learn to understand Western mentality, learn to know foreigners.

United is glad to be able to contribute in this and puts its organization at the disposal of this project.

If you are interested in also making this possible for the Melody Girls, please contact us and we are more than happy to inform you more in detail.

It will be very important for Ukraine and its development towards a modern country to stimulate tourism to Ukraine. Not only brings it the very necessary foreign funds but also it makes Ukraine better known to international communities.

Also here United is glad to be of assistance and organizes cultural and entertainment trips to Odessa through its agency Odessa Trips (www.odessa-trips.com). It is hard to imagine how limited the knowledge of international people is of Ukraine and its treasuries.

We see our assistance as a very good way to be of service to Ukraine and we are happy to say that we received  only stimulating reactions.

On this page we hope we have given a good impression of United and the position it likes to have in the present Ukrainian market.

We made a choice for Ukraine and are proud of it.


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