Rent a car in Ukraine

Rent a car in Ukraine is the main field of our company. We aspire to combine the best world experience of car rental business with ideal knowledge of local conditions and to provide you with the best freedom of movement.
Our purpose – to make service of a car rent accessible to everyone. That’s why we emphasize on low and average price range. You will find a number of models of an economy class in all representations. However we are not limited to it, after all we make efforts to satisfy inquiries even of the most whimsical customer. You can select for yourself an optimal combination of the price and a car class for different cases of life: from every day decisions to especial or solemn events.
Territorially our company covers almost all Ukraine with amount of 13 locations. The network continues to extend, and it will allow you to order a car and to take it in any part of the country. It is possible to rent a car from this site or by phone or visit any our office.
For clients who have never been in our official registration it will take nearly half an hour. Next time you will get a car in 15-20 minutes in any office all over Ukraine.
Rent a car in Ukraine is safe. All our rental cars are new and pass regular checkup. Also all cars are insured on KASKO. However we hope that a client will treat rental car, as his own.
Cost of a day rent decreases proportionally to term on which a car is rented, and can reach 50% of the initial. We also provide constant clients with discounts.
The minimal tariff is 54 Euros per day for one day rent and 900 Euros for a month. The prices for long-term rent (over a month) are discussed in addition.
We accept payment cards of different types, cash, clearing settlement.
Rent a car in Ukraine — UNITED.IN.UA