Rent a car in Lvov

Rent a car in Lvov can be done in two ways. The first one is for those who have charge cards. Holders of charge cards can take an interest in native bank to find out bank partners with car rental services. In such a way it is possible to get a discount.
The second variant concerns renting cars in resort countries, so it is better to make a reservation beforehand, for instance, for some months. The longer rent term is, the lower is the tariff. If to rent a car for one day, it will cost more expensive, than to rent it for a week or even for a month.
Requirements to drivers: the driving experience not less than 3 years, age – from 25 years. But conditions can differ, please call.
Almost everywhere deposit is taken from 600 up to 2000 euros depending on the class of the car.
All cars are insured from all cases. But check the insurance.
The mileage is unlimited; the car is taken and returning with a full petrol tank.
For those who work in offices more often it is not necessary to have their own car. But if it is desirable to go somewhere: on affairs or to the city – to hire the car would be an ideal variant. Execution of documents and car delivery occupies only 20 minutes.
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